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Welcome at Dutch Heritage Photography

What does Dutch Heritage Photography do

Dutch Heritage Photography focuses on the photography of Dutch cultural heritage . Heritage is conceived in the broadest sense: the built environment (urban design and architecture), agricultural, industrial, archaeological and landscape, movable and immovable heritage.


Dutch Heritage Photography is a company founded by Raphaël Rijntjes (independent architectural and building historian) and Jos Stöver (working at the National Cultural Heritage Agency). Both are as passionate as professional heritage photographers. Both are also involved in a non-commercial publishing house in the field of medieval art history (

Jos Stöver owns image bank on cultural heritage that currently contains over 35,000 shots. This collection has been made accessible to the general public through a website. (

Raohaël Rijntjes and Jos Stöver have a wide network of people and institutions working in the field of heritage care (landscape, archeology, architecture, archives and museums).


Institutions dealing with heritage: archives, museums, heritage houses, publishers, educational and research institutions, municipalities and provinces, monument owners et cetera.